I.M. -- The Invisible Man Musical

    London, 1947.  Having survived the Blitz, WWII, and living in the midst of the worst winter ever, this battered community is already jumpy when a strange, bandaged man takes up residence.  But the man is hiding more than his face, and as their curiosity escalates, so does his vengeance.  Inspired by H.G. Wells’ famous book, I.M. is an intense and thrilling musical about a brilliant man driven to terrorism, regular folks driven to commit murder, and the young woman caught in between.

    Portions originally performed at Dillons, NYC, with Kelly Ellenwood (Phantom), Matt Lutz (Bonnie & Clyde), Kara Lindsay (Newsies), Doug Shapiro, Jennifer Wren & Sierra Rein.

“Twist Of Fate”

“Ever Think Of”

“Invisible Man”