Welcome!  I’m a composer who uses art, dance, tech, and even robots in my shows.  You might call this interdisciplinary.  Wagner called it total art, or gesamtkunstwerk.  I call it fun!

    The son of a midwestern piano teacher, I literally grew up over the piano and spent my childhood performing classical, jazz, modern, and Broadway music.  Throughout my early career in New York City, I was commissioned to create a variety of classical, dance, children’s, experimental, and—(of course)—Broadway music. 

    Then I began to lose my hearing, and like any sane person... I totally freaked out.  But I still had rhythm, so I rapped.  I could still see, so I used film.  I experimented with visual music, aerial, stand-up, robots... anything that pushed me past my disABILITIES into a celebration of my remaining abilities.

    And before long, I was again creating classical, jazz, experimental, and—(you know it’s coming)—Broadway music!  I put it all into my Incredibly Deaf Musical and was called “Broadway’s Beethoven.”  Though I can only hope to someday reach the level of the great master, I’m excited to continue pursuing my dreams.

    Now I’m on a journey to combine the diverse artforms I’ve explored into heartfelt and whimsical works about the contradictions of life, the extraordinary hidden in the mundane, and the fascinating we all hope to discover.  I hope to see you at my next event, connect with you online, and somehow inspire you to seek the best in life.